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In House Pharmacy

Pet Wellness Animal Hospital has a fully stocked pharmacy

We carry the safest heartworm and flea and tick control preventatives for you and your pet and a wide range of prescription medicines and prescription diets to keep your pet healthy, including:

  • Flea and Tick Products: We carry orals medications and topicals preventatives.
  • Heartworm Preventatives for dogs and cats.
  • Prescription Medications for most pet medical conditions.
  • Prescription Diets to treat, manage and prevent a wide range of health conditions

Purchasing Your Pets Medications from Pet Wellness Animal Hospital is Recommended

We recommend that our clients purchase their pet’s medications from us because:

  • Manufacturers sell only to veterinarians, therefore we know the product is genuine.  We keep your pet’s medication safe because we know storage temperatures, expiration dates, and the true manufacturer (though the package may look the same) of the medication.
  • Many medications purchased from a veterinarian are guaranteed by the manufacturer. If your pet has an adverse reaction, the manufacturer may take responsibility for the cost of care.
  • We monitor your pet’s progress on the medication and our staff can address your questions and advise on product use. Please note that our doctors are required by law to examined your pet within 12 months to minimize the risk inherent with any medication.