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Nutritional Counseling

Pet Diet and Nutrition Services

“What should I feed my dog or cat” and “how much should I feed at each meal” are two of the questions we hear often.  Nutrition is one of the most important factors in maintaining your pet’s good health. Proper nutrients are necessary for every organ system in the body to function properly. With all the pet food brands on the market, talk to one of our veterinarians about your pet’s nutritional needs.  For healthy pets we can assist you select the appropriate high quality, non-prescription food from the stores where you shop.

Proper Weight Keeps your Pet Healthier!

Maintaining your pet’s ideal body weight can improve his or her life expectancy.  If you pet is overweight, there are many things you can do to help him get back into shape. Speaking with us is the first place to start. For some pets, feeding a diet formulated for weight loss and carefully selecting lower calories treats can help. Increasing exercise as appropriate for your pet may be helpful.  Most often, simply learning the correct volume of food to offer works wonders.

The Importance of Prescription Foods

If your pet has been diagnosed with a medical condition that needs monitoring and managing such as kidney disease, the food you feed your pet is important. Prescription foods are nutritional diets formulated to support medical conditions.  In addition, many gastrointestinal ailments can be linked to inappropriate diets, and many skin problems have a nutritional component to them as well.

We carry the Hills Prescription Food line and the Purina Prescription Food line.